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Elite Handle
$35 Per Month
*Cancel anytime

10 Year Pro, Xavier University 4 year Starter, and professional basketball trainer Kevin Frey, has developed a ball handling system to help you become an ELITE ball handler, ANY PLACE ANYTIME!


You get online member access to the entire Elite Ball Handling Program


24/7 Access to over 200 Stationary ball handling drills, Jump Ropes and workouts up to 7 days a week! for only $35 a month!

Track workouts and send in videos and questions for coaching directly

to Coach Kevin Frey!

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Get Started Today!

24/7 ACCESS to all drills! 

With Virtual Training, you will have access to the Virtual training page on the website (Mobile included) with over 200 dribbling drills! 
Train WHEN you want!
WHERE  you want!

Training App for direct Coaching!

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Virtual Training with Frey Basketball will take your ball handling to new heights! With this structured proven program, you will have access to ball handling drills  with workouts up to 7 days a week! 24/7 access.

All feedback and specific workouts are done through the Coaches App. Once you sign up, you will have access to all the individual drills located on the Virtual Training page on the Frey Basketball website!